Possible Colour Treatments for a Decorative Concrete Slate-look Patio


If you want to create a stunning patio, why not consider installing decorative concrete that mimics slate pavers? You'll have the benefit of sturdy and durable concrete with the lovely variegated colours of rock. To create the texture of separate pavers edged with grout, contractors press stamps into the unset cement. They also layer colouring techniques to emulate slate's natural variances. Here are several ways they might apply colour. Integral Colour

19 October 2021

Top Signs You Should Install a Concrete Driveway Instead of an Asphalt Driveway on Your Property


If you're a homeowner, you might have already made the decision to have a permanent driveway installed. After all, you might not like the gravel or dirt driveway that you have right now. You might know that concrete and asphalt driveways are both very popular, but what you might not know is which option you should choose. Either one can be a good way to improve your property, but you may want to opt for a concrete driveway if any of the things listed below are true.

7 July 2021

Choosing the Right Kerbing For Your Needs


When you're planning a project that will require kerbing, you'll need to have a firm understanding of the purpose the kerbing has to fulfil. Perhaps the kerbing is simply required to retain the boundary of the road and prevent its structural integrity from being compromised, or perhaps it needs to act as a clear barrier between pedestrians and vehicles. Kerbing can also be used to block vehicles from entering or exiting certain areas and it can act as a channel to promote surface water drainage.

24 February 2021

How To Tell If Your Brick Facade Needs Restoration


Bricks are one of the best-looking and longest-lasting materials you can use as part of your home or business, but only if you take care of them properly. While many people assume bricks don't require any maintenance at all, the truth is they require a small bit of restoration every so often. Brick restoration helps restore your facade to its former glory and lets it survive for the foreseeable future without long-lasting damage from dirt and other abrasive substances.

24 November 2020

3 Types of Buildings That Require Specialised Demolition Services to Remove


Every day across Australia, many homes and small businesses are demolished to make way for newer and upgraded buildings. While most of the time you call demolition services for more traditional buildings, like a house, sometimes you come across something a little more unusual. This is where these professionals really shine. Instead of trying to work out how to get rid of these buildings or structures on your own, demolition services know exactly how to eliminate even the most obscure building you could think of.

21 September 2020

Common Reasons For Car Park Concrete Repairs


Concrete is a durable material that is ideal for a wide range of purposes including the construction of car parks. However, even a durable material like concrete will need to be maintained properly — especially in settings like car parks where it will be exposed to repeated compression from vehicles as well as heat from sunlight. Anyone responsible for the maintenance of a car park should have the number of a concrete contractor stored in their phone to look after any repair work that might be required.

20 May 2020

Is A Concrete Water Tank A Valuable Asset?


If you have been contemplating water investment for your residence, you could be inundated by the vast selection of water tanks at your financial disposable. Not only do these receptacles come in a host of materials, but they are also readily available in a range of sizes. Thus, you could be wondering what will be the most lucrative investment for your individual property. One option that has been around for decades but is wrongly considered outdated is the reliable concrete water tank.

15 October 2019

How to Dress Up Exposed Aggregate On a Home's Concrete Driveway and Walkways


Exposed aggregate refers to a layer of pebbles, gravel, or soft and buffed glass that is put over concrete, to either enhance its appearance or add traction to the surface, or both. Chances are that most concrete roads on which you drive have a layer of exposed aggregate, to reduce the risk of cars sliding around when the pavement gets slick. You can use exposed aggregate on your home's concrete driveways and walkways to also add some traction and safety, and still make the surface look very attractive; note a few tips for how to do this.

22 November 2016

The Various Upsides of Commercial Kerbing


One of the hottest products on the landscaping market is kerbing, which involves defining a landscape using concrete edging or border systems. As compared to traditional landscape edging like those made of wood, plastics and metal, concrete edging offers several unique advantages for residential landscaping as well as commercial landscaping projects. If you run a business, you will want your landscape to look good but in an economical way. The following points will help explain why kerbing would be an ideal way to meet the landscaping needs of your commercial landscape.

3 October 2016

Kinds of Coloured Concrete For Your Driveway


Coloured concrete is a type of decorative concrete that is made in several ways. Liquid, powder or aggregate material can be added when the concrete is first poured or directly after it has been laid down on a foundation. In addition, coloured concrete is made through the use of stamps and stencils designed to mimic natural material such as red flagstone. Coloured concrete can enhance the appearance of your driveway, but if you are using this type of concrete for the first time, you probably want to know your options.

12 July 2016