How To Tell If Your Brick Facade Needs Restoration


Bricks are one of the best-looking and longest-lasting materials you can use as part of your home or business, but only if you take care of them properly. While many people assume bricks don't require any maintenance at all, the truth is they require a small bit of restoration every so often. Brick restoration helps restore your facade to its former glory and lets it survive for the foreseeable future without long-lasting damage from dirt and other abrasive substances. Here are three ways brick restoration will provide immediate help for your building's facade.

Mortar Repair

Mortar is used to keep your bricks together and is the substance that you see in between all the individual bricks. However, mortar decays a lot quicker than brick, particularly if it wasn't mixed well or if it is in a very open area. Often, bricks will last far longer than their mortar counterparts, so it is important that you have the mortar replaced more regularly through a brick restoration company. When you start to see a lot of crumbling from your mortar and the bricks getting a little bit of a gap between them, it is time to act.


Because brick is a porous surface, it is very easy to stain the surface with sustained exposure to dirt and the sun. These two elements are unavoidable in Australia, but that doesn't mean your house or business has to look like a dusty wasteland. Deep cleaning from brick restoration contractors can remove years of filth and reveal the sparkling undertones of deep red. Many people wrongly assume that the bricks are faded and that cleaning won't do anything when in fact it is just a layer of dirt obscuring the bricks below. If you are going to put your home on the market, then you should always deep-clean the bricks before you do so.

Inside And Out

Not all of the bricks that you want to restore will be on the exterior of your property. Many Australians have fireplaces and other interior brick features that get covered in soot and dust that comes from running a busy household or business. Brick restoration companies can spread their services across all areas of your home until the bricks look as good as the day they were set. In some instances the inside of your house may actually be dirtier than the outside, so don't underestimate this!


24 November 2020

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