How To Tell If Your Brick Facade Needs Restoration


Bricks are one of the best-looking and longest-lasting materials you can use as part of your home or business, but only if you take care of them properly. While many people assume bricks don't require any maintenance at all, the truth is they require a small bit of restoration every so often. Brick restoration helps restore your facade to its former glory and lets it survive for the foreseeable future without long-lasting damage from dirt and other abrasive substances.

24 November 2020

3 Types of Buildings That Require Specialised Demolition Services to Remove


Every day across Australia, many homes and small businesses are demolished to make way for newer and upgraded buildings. While most of the time you call demolition services for more traditional buildings, like a house, sometimes you come across something a little more unusual. This is where these professionals really shine. Instead of trying to work out how to get rid of these buildings or structures on your own, demolition services know exactly how to eliminate even the most obscure building you could think of.

21 September 2020

Common Reasons For Car Park Concrete Repairs


Concrete is a durable material that is ideal for a wide range of purposes including the construction of car parks. However, even a durable material like concrete will need to be maintained properly — especially in settings like car parks where it will be exposed to repeated compression from vehicles as well as heat from sunlight. Anyone responsible for the maintenance of a car park should have the number of a concrete contractor stored in their phone to look after any repair work that might be required.

20 May 2020