3 Types of Buildings That Require Specialised Demolition Services to Remove


Every day across Australia, many homes and small businesses are demolished to make way for newer and upgraded buildings. While most of the time you call demolition services for more traditional buildings, like a house, sometimes you come across something a little more unusual. This is where these professionals really shine. Instead of trying to work out how to get rid of these buildings or structures on your own, demolition services know exactly how to eliminate even the most obscure building you could think of. Here are three slightly more outlandish examples that most demolition services can take care of in no time.

Pool Demolition

While pools may not be a building so to speak, they are still a structure that often needs to be removed when a property is being bulldozed for a new home or building. Removing all the cement interior and then filling in the large hole left by a pool is not easy work, which is why pool demolition requires special procedures. Rather than taking down something, this demolition job actually fills it in and makes sure the ground is steady enough for any future structures.

Silo Demolition

Silos are commonly found on farms and agricultural businesses, and they are generally quite massive. After all, they can store tons of produce and grain, so they are built very strongly. Most demolition contractors will be able to take care of your old silos, but it does require a fair bit of preparation. From clearing the surrounding area to the possibility of a controlled detonation, a lot of factors come into play with a building this size. Safety is a priority, so always go with a licensed demolition company when dealing with a structure of this size.

Warehouse Demolition

Another building on the larger scale of things, a warehouse is built to withstand the tough environments that Australia can throw at it, so tearing it down is not an easy process. Only larger demolition services will be able to accommodate industrial warehouses—and for good reason. From the large machinery needed to the dozens of people onsite carefully moving around each other, this is probably the largest demolition type outside of skyscrapers and shopping centres. Because of the warehouse's large size, contact demolition services well in advance of when you need the project done so that they can get all of their necessary equipment and manpower for the task.


21 September 2020

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