Top Signs You Should Install a Concrete Driveway Instead of an Asphalt Driveway on Your Property


If you're a homeowner, you might have already made the decision to have a permanent driveway installed. After all, you might not like the gravel or dirt driveway that you have right now. You might know that concrete and asphalt driveways are both very popular, but what you might not know is which option you should choose. Either one can be a good way to improve your property, but you may want to opt for a concrete driveway if any of the things listed below are true.

You're Able to Spend a Little More on the Project 

One reason why many people choose asphalt driveways instead of concrete driveways is that they are usually cheaper to install. If you're a homeowner on a budget but if you still want to install a nice permanent driveway, you may find that an asphalt driveway is going to be more in line with your budget. However, if you are able to spend a little more on your driveway, a concrete driveway could be an option. The difference in price might not be as significant as you think, so consider getting quotes for both types of driveways before you make your decision.

You Want Your Driveway to Be Decorative

Many people install a driveway on their property more for its function than its appearance, even though they might want the driveway to look neat and tidy after it's installed. However, if you would like for your driveway to be aesthetically pleasing, then you will probably find that you have more customisation options with concrete than with asphalt. Although an asphalt driveway can look nice and neat after installation, you might find its plain, dark appearance to be a bit boring. If you hire a concrete pouring company to pour a concrete driveway on your property, however, you can ask about staining or tinting and can choose the colour and look that you want for your driveway.

You Want a Driveway That Will Be Easier to Take Care Of

Asphalt driveways need to be seal coated fairly regularly so that they can stay in good shape, and from time to time, you may need to have repairs done. Although your concrete driveway might eventually need repairs as well, you will probably find that it will last longer without needing any repairs and that it will overall be easier to take care of. After all, you don't have to worry about seal coating, either.

To learn more, contact a concrete driveway service.


7 July 2021

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