Is A Concrete Water Tank A Valuable Asset?


If you have been contemplating water investment for your residence, you could be inundated by the vast selection of water tanks at your financial disposable. Not only do these receptacles come in a host of materials, but they are also readily available in a range of sizes. Thus, you could be wondering what will be the most lucrative investment for your individual property. One option that has been around for decades but is wrongly considered outdated is the reliable concrete water tank.

Although steel and plastic may seem to be the more contemporary solutions for your needs, concrete tanks offer a range of advantages that you will not reap from the aforementioned alternatives. This piece highlights just two reasons why a concrete water tank will be a valuable asset for your property's water harvesting needs. 

Resistance to bush fires

If you live in a location that is vulnerable to bush fires, whether regularly or rarely, it is best to invest in a water tank that will not succumb to the flames. Concrete is the most resilient material that you could choose for your water tank when compared to options such as steel or plastic. While metallic tanks are somewhat durable, they will invariably become deformed when exposed to excessive heat.

Plastic, on the other hand, is bound to degrade entirely when exposed to direct flame. Concrete water tanks are the best option since they will neither burn nor get deformed if your area is to be engulfed by a bush fire. Hence, you can be guaranteed that the concrete variety will last you for decades to come.

Cool water storage

The second reason why concrete water tanks are the superior selection when compared to other receptacles is their ability to keep the water stored cool. Concrete does not conduct heat as much as some other materials. This characteristic is unlike both metal and plastic tanks that will absorb any heat they are exposed to. When you take into account Australia's stifling summer heat, you can be assured that the other two options will absorb and retain heat throughout the season.

Heat retention is not merely about having cool water for use in your household. When the receptacle absorbs heat, it creates an environment that is highly accommodating to algae and a host of other microorganisms. Therefore, any water that your household utilises will be posing the threat of disease. With a concrete tank, you can remain assured that your harvested water remains safe for use for the long term.

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15 October 2019

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