How to Dress Up Exposed Aggregate On a Home's Concrete Driveway and Walkways


Exposed aggregate refers to a layer of pebbles, gravel, or soft and buffed glass that is put over concrete, to either enhance its appearance or add traction to the surface, or both. Chances are that most concrete roads on which you drive have a layer of exposed aggregate, to reduce the risk of cars sliding around when the pavement gets slick. You can use exposed aggregate on your home's concrete driveways and walkways to also add some traction and safety, and still make the surface look very attractive; note a few tips for how to do this.

1. Keep strips of concrete bare to create squares

Rather than adding exposed aggregate to your entire driveway, keep some strips of concrete bare so that they help form a square or checkerboard design. These bare strips act as a border for the sections that have aggregate, and this design can break up the look of a long driveway without reducing needed traction on the surface.

2. Use stone or brick for a border

You can also break up the look of exposed aggregate by using brick or stone for a border along the driveway, or at the very edge of the drive. This can break up the look of aggregate and help make a wide driveway look more narrow. You can then also make your entire property look coordinated if you use the same brick or stone as borders around landscaping features.

Using stone or brick in the middle of the driveway can also break up the look, if you have the materials placed in a circle or other such pattern such as your family crest or initial to your last name. Since you don't usually need much traction in the middle of the drive, this can add visual interest without compromising safety.

3. Use plants for borders

Another way to soften the look of exposed aggregate in your driveway and on the walkways is to use large or colourful plants as borders. You may not think to border your driveway with landscaping, but doing so can make it look less industrial and more welcoming. Choose a plant that has a bold colour such as red roses, or opt for something large and visually striking, such as a lilac bush. You might also add more than one row of plants and flowers, or mix up the types of flowers for added colour, and this will also soften the look of the driveway without interfering with the traction it provides.


22 November 2016

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