The Various Upsides of Commercial Kerbing


One of the hottest products on the landscaping market is kerbing, which involves defining a landscape using concrete edging or border systems. As compared to traditional landscape edging like those made of wood, plastics and metal, concrete edging offers several unique advantages for residential landscaping as well as commercial landscaping projects. If you run a business, you will want your landscape to look good but in an economical way. The following points will help explain why kerbing would be an ideal way to meet the landscaping needs of your commercial landscape.

Economical choice

As compared to traditional landscape edging alternatives, kerbing is an option that is very much cost-effective. Sure, it may require considerable labour time and cost to lay, but once the installation work is complete, you are assured of years and years of service without the need for costly maintenance and repairs. Concrete won't rot like wood, move like brick, rust like steel or break like plastic. This means that it can provide you with extended service without needing to be refinished or replaced. Hence, kerbing is a landscaping border system that pays well over the long term.

Flexibility in style

Concrete edging comes in an extensive range of colours, design options and stamping patterns, making it much easier for businesses to truly tailor the appearance of their landscape. Also, kerbing shapes or moulds are available in various sizes, with some being intended for specific landscaping projects. What is more, with kerbing, you won't be limited to the traditional rigid straight line contours, as you can opt for flowing curves and several other custom designs.

Matching the style of your building exteriors to that of your landscape will create a visual impact that your visitors as well as passers-by will notice and appreciate. All you need to do is to invite a landscaping specialist to come over to your premises and help you come up with a suitable style for your landscape.

A neat, professional look     

As pointed out earlier, making a good first impression is always important. This is because you can never get another chance at it. Unlike with traditional landscape border systems like wood and brick edging, grass and weeds won't grow in-between your pathway or patio concrete borders. This will give your commercial landscape a chic and professional look, something that many clients may be interested in before deciding to do business with you.


3 October 2016

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