Kinds of Coloured Concrete For Your Driveway


Coloured concrete is a type of decorative concrete that is made in several ways. Liquid, powder or aggregate material can be added when the concrete is first poured or directly after it has been laid down on a foundation. In addition, coloured concrete is made through the use of stamps and stencils designed to mimic natural material such as red flagstone. Coloured concrete can enhance the appearance of your driveway, but if you are using this type of concrete for the first time, you probably want to know your options. Here is a quick primer on the most common types of coloured concrete available to increase the curb appeal of your home.


This type of decorative concrete is typically made as the concrete is being mixed but can also be added after the concrete has been poured onto your driveway. Some of the most popular types of aggregate is made out of limestone, quartz, granite and brightly-coloured stones. Because the aggregate is made from slivers and pieces of the source material, it creates an interesting pattern on your driveway, with no two pieces alike. There are two ways in which aggregate is laid out on your driveway, seeding and direct mix. Seeding is done only after the initial concrete is poured, and the aggregate is sprinkled by hand across the concrete, similar to how farmers seed their fields by hand. Direct mix is achieved by mixing the aggregate into the concrete, stirring it, then pouring it out onto the driveway. This method typically embeds the aggregate deeper into your driveway because of the pre-mix process, whereas the seeding process creates a more top-heavy appearance.


Stamped concrete is another popular method of colouring your driveway. Contractors use pre-designed stamps and stencils that are made into a number of interesting shapes and colour, and press them into freshly-poured concrete to create the decorative appearance. Unlike aggregate concrete, stamped concrete can mimic a number of different material, so if you want a red flagstone appearance on your driveway, you can select a stamp that mimics this look. In fact, the advantage of stamped concrete is that while it retains the base of concrete, its appearance can be as unique as wood or cobblestone, and you will have numerous designs to choose from to create something that is distinctive. One other thing to know about stamped concrete is that your driveway will have the authentic appearance of whatever material you choose, because the stamps and stencils are molded from that actual material.

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12 July 2016

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