5 Reasons Why Diamond Concrete Cutting is Your Best Choice for Cutting Concrete


If you have a small DIY concrete cutting project in your home, it is important to figure out ways that will make the project a success. Among the things you will have to consider is the type of blade to use before you rent or purchase it for your project. Choosing the right saw will allow you to cut your concrete as well as any other materials, like metal, by simply switching the cutting heads or blades. Some choices you might have include handheld cutting edge saws, walk-behind saws, and diamond blades or saws. Nonetheless, here are reasons why diamond saw blades would work best for you.


Diamond concrete cutting is a faster method of cutting concrete. It is a convenient method designed for different cutting requirements and concrete surfaces. Moreover, diamond saw blades can cut rebar and other materials, eliminating the need for metal cutting that would otherwise consume some amount of time.

Dimensional Tolerance

Diamond saw blades make sharp and precise cuts that give them a high level of faultlessness. This means that if you use diamond saws for your work, you should have no worries about the vulnerability of the cut areas to develop cracks in your subsequent procedure. Moreover, besides the precision, diamond cutting requires limited patchwork.


Diamond cutting will offer you an edge with the unlimited access that it provides. Diamond saw blades are flexible, meaning remote operations are possible. For this reason, you can easily cut in close spaces and around existing pipes as well as electrical equipment and fixtures. Moreover, underwater operations may be possible with these diamond saw blades.

Structural Integrity

Diamond concrete cutting is vibration free, which minimizes disruptions or damage to the overall structure. That is, high impact vibrations may result in micro fractures in your concrete as well as potential damage to the surrounding areas. Nonetheless, since diamond saw blades make clean and sharp cuts, it allows for the removal of large amounts of concrete without disrupting its structural integrity.

Debris, Noise, and Dust

Diamond concrete cutting has a relatively noiseless operation, making it less disruptive to the surroundings. In addition, this type of concrete cutting does not cause breakages or rubbles because of its precise cuts. Since concrete pieces are cut to size, it makes it easier to remove large bulk, meaning that your clean-up time is likely to reduce significantly as well. Besides, diamond-cutting methods such as wet cutting can make the operation as dust free as possible.


4 February 2016

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