3 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Concrete Contractor


If you're hiring a concrete contractor to install a new driveway or walkway around your home, chances are you personally don't have much experience in pouring concrete yourself. This is why it's good to ask some important questions beyond the price and if the contractor is insured. You need to understand what is involved in pouring concrete and ensure that you know what to expect. Note a few important questions to ask potential concrete contractors.

1. What about inclement weather?

A contractor should take the steps necessary to protect newly poured concrete from inclement weather and especially if the forecast calls for rain. They may need to put down a thick plastic tarp over the new concrete and fix any problems that have occurred because of rain, snow, and other damage. However, you may also need to be flexible if the forecast calls for bad weather, as the contractor may reserve the right to not pour fresh concrete when there is a risk that the weather may damage their work.

2. What is the cost differences in thickness of concrete?

The thicker the concrete, the more it can stand up to heavy vehicles. Your contractor will no doubt want to charge more for pouring the concrete to a certain thickness or depth, but discuss this option with them and the price difference in thicknesses. If you have a motor home, a trailer that you use to haul landscaping equipment, or a heavy-duty truck that will be driving over the concrete regularly, you want to invest in the thickest concrete you can afford. However, if you drive a small sedan and know you'll never drive a heavy vehicle, you might not need to invest in a thick layer of concrete and can save on the cost of installation this way.

3. Can they preserve your lawn and landscaping?

You might expect the workers to walk over the edge of the lawn that surrounds your driveway or walkway, and some concrete dust may spread along your property. What you want to avoid is someone who is negligent about your lawn and your landscaping features. You might have a potential contractor walk along your lawn and ask them specifically how much room they need to work. Ask what you can expect by way of tire treads from portable mixers that need to sit on the grass, and if there is enough room for them away from your flowerbeds and other features.


24 September 2015

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