Important Safety Features To Include When Hiring Scaffolding


If you're having any major work done on the exterior of your home then you may need to hire scaffolding, especially if the work is extensive and involves the roof or second storey of your home. Scaffolding makes completing the work far easier for contractors than it would be using only ladders. However, it's important that you ensure the safety of contractors and pedestrians, particularly when your scaffolding is encroaching on public land such as footpaths.

Use high visibility accessories

To avoid accidents to passersby, it's good to make sure that the structure of the scaffolding is highly visible. There are a number of accessories available that will help you to achieve this. High visibility plate caps mean that the hard steel is not only visible but is also covered with a softer coating to prevent tripping or foot injuries.

You should also cover the end of scaffolding poles and any screws or rivets with custom made high visibility caps which will prevent injury from sharp steel edges. To complete the scaffolding safety measures you can also cover the steel poles with tubular foam pieces which encircle the entire poles.

Have adequate signage

If your scaffolding encroaches on public space then you'll need to provide adequate signage to comply with health and safety laws. During the construction of the scaffolding, you'll need to place signs to say that the scaffolding is incomplete around the perimeter of the scaffold base.

Once the scaffold is finished being constructed then you'll need to replace these signs with new ones which alert passersby to the scaffolding and warn of the danger of trying to access the scaffolding by unauthorised people. The company who provides and constructs your scaffolding will usually provide this signage for you.

Prevent access when the scaffolding is not in use

Outside of work hours, the scaffold will need to be secured so that no one is able to scale it and cause injury to themselves or damage to the structure. Depending on the size and design of the scaffolding, you may be able to do this by simply installing a solid, lockable gate on the access point of the scaffolding.

If your scaffolding has multiple access points then it might be easier and more cost effective to hire industrial grade temporary fencing. This will ensure that entire scaffold is unable to be accessed by unauthorised users.

If you're unsure which of these safety accessories will be required on your property then it's best to consult with the company that you hire the scaffolding from. They will able to advise you on exactly what you'll need to ensure the public's safety and avoid situations that may result in liability for accidents or injuries.


10 August 2015

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